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Upcoming Installfest

> I have used Xebian many times, and find it quite usable :-)  Never
> tried GentooX, but I wonder how fast compilation times will be, if it
> is exactly like the standard distro (xbox == 733 Mhz cpu).  I have
> also used Dyne:bolic and dunno about xUbuntu...

I'm hardcore (no, not stage1) Gentoo. I'm not a lamewad
who thinks using gentoo makes me 1337 though.

I don't have anything against Debian though. I was planning
on installing it on my desktop as a dual boot during the fest actually.

(If we're gonna keep chatting back and forth,
do you want to go to #BLU on fnode?)

Samuel (shardz)

Shardz's Igloo:

Registered Linux User #410639

  Version: 3.12
GCS/E/G d- s a---- C++(+++)>$ UBL+++>++++$ P++>++++$
L++>++++$ E---- W++ N o? K? w-- O M-- V- PS(-) PE-- Y+>++ PGP>++
t++(t*) 5+(+++) X?>++ R+>++ tv b++ DI+ D+ G>++++ e->+++ h! !r !z

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