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Re: Anti-recommendation: Comcast.

 On Sat, 19 Jan 2008, John Chambers wrote: 

> In particular, the internet's  email  was  designed  from  the  start  to  do 
> end-to-end  delivery.  Forwarding was just a kludge to temporarily accomodate 
> machines incapable of true internet access. I remember back in the early 80s, 
> when more email went via uucp, and the internet people pointed out that their 
> scheme was better because it didn't require a long chain  of  email  software 
> running  on  the  intermediate machines.  Data of any type could be delivered 
> directly, without any software other than the low-level packet routing on any 
> machines  except the sender and receiver.  This was touted as far superior to 
> the store-and-forward kludgery that uucp used. 

Interesting.  That's ironic.  I used to send mail directly from my 
computer but gave that up a long time ago because there were too many ISPs 
that would block my mail just because they don't like my IP address. 

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