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Re: SQL Benchmark, what environment?

 On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 13:00:18 -0500, <[hidden email]> wrote: 

> The benchmark I'm planning to write to compare MySQL and PostgreSQL, and 
> maybe other like Oracle, is centered around a common use case. A mock 
> social networking web site. 

> The flow will be guided by a fixed list of users and they will cycle. 
> What do you think? Have any other tests you'd like to see? 
> Lastly, what environment? I'm mainly a C/C++ guy, I can do PHP if need   
> be. 
> I could probably do Java, but I'd have to setup tomcat. Perl would just   
> be 
> a pain. Any suggestion? 

Ruby? :-) 

Java/Tomcat would be overkill. Something like Ruby or Python would be   
perfect for something like this. Yeah, you could do it in PHP but I don't   
see the point. You could do it in Perl, too, I suppose. 

The choices may be limited even more by the availability of latest drivers   
for all of the various target databases. This might -- painfully -- rule   
out Ruby since I have not been able to find a 10g or 11g client for it. 

C++ may be overkill for this too, since you'd have to go through the   
entire modify-compile-link cycle everytime you made a change. 

So it may be that Python would represent the best choice, assuming   
up-to-date drivers for Oracle exists -- and I think that's the case. 


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