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Re: Anti-recommendation: Comcast.

 Crumcast has always been a pain. Back when I was using them, they would   
typically take down their network at night unannounced -- right at the   
time I was doing my best work. When I complained to them about this, they   
gave me some song and dance about upgrading their network and they chose   
to take it down when the "least number of people would be impacted." I   
pleaded with them to give me a day's notice before doing that so I could   
schedule around it, but they apparently did not consider me an important   
enough of a customer to offer this basic -- and expected -- courtesy. 

Consequently, when Fios became available, I was more than happy to dump   
Crumcast despite my distaste for Verizon. To my surprise and delight,   
Verizon got it right this time, and their Fios service has been rock solid   
with *no* downtime at all. I've had it for what must be nearing 2 years   

No downtime, runs circles around Crumcast, and does not slow during "peak   
hours". I still can't believe this is Verizon! 


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