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Re: I really prefer Linux over everything else

 On Sunday 20 January 2008 08:12:13 am [hidden email] wrote: 
> While I agree that the Mac is better than Windows, we'll have to agree to 
> disagree on the Mac vs Linux debate. 

Both Mac OS X and Linux have their advantages and their weaknesses. 

> One of the cool things I can do is ssh into the entertainment system and 
> start Amarok, on my local display, but operate it on the entertainment 
> system. I have it all setup on a desktop link and it works. 
> This does not work as seamlessly on the Mac because they abandoned X11 
> for their own graphics system that is not remotable. 

...and also doesn't have years and years of legacy cruft with new features 
(such as compiz) bolted/hacked in on top. The fluidity of the Mac OS X 
graphical environment eye candy quite honestly kicks the crap out of X11 on 
comparable hardware. There are tradeoffs between X11 and Quartz. 

> Yea, but you "could" 
> start an xserver on the mac, but that's REALLY ugly because they don't 
> seem to have a bridge type window manager that integrates X with the Mac 
> window manager. 

Note that Mac OS X does have a built-in vnc server though, if you really 
need/want to control an app on a remote system. 

> Also, remember all Linux distributions are not the same! Kubuntu is the 
> one I use, and next to my wifes Mac, *everything* just works easier. Plug 
> in my digital camera, it works. DVD? same thing. (Setting up dvdcss and 
> mp3 is an extra step, but that's a legal issue out of the control of the 
> distro, but easy enough and you only have to do it once). I often find, 
> when using a mac, I am forced into a mode of operation that does not make 
> sense. Don't even get me started on iTunes, I HATE IT. 

Conversely, I still find several things still work way better under OS X than 
under Linux. I've also got a few long-time Linux user friends who hasn't used 
a Mac until recently. They're amazed how they really don't need to "tweak" 
anything to make things work in a sensible way. I tend to move back and forth 
between Mac OS X and Linux. Again, both have their advantages and their 
weaknesses, and perceptions of exactly what they are vary from one person to 

> I can't think of anything the Mac can do that Linux can not 

I can. 

> , conversely, I 
> can name a few things that are either impossible or difficult to do on the 
> Mac that are simple on Linux. 

And I can think of plenty of things are simple to do on a Mac that aren't on 
Linux. :) 

> Its all good, really, they are both basically "unix" (Not to be confused 
> with "UNIX (r)" 

Agreed. I like both Linux and Mac OS X quite a bit. 

Jarod Wilson 
[hidden email] 

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