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Getting rid of land line?

 My wife (Shelley) and I have been thinking of getting rid of our land 
line, and are looking for pro/con arguments and ideas. It's the usual 
"We have cell phones; why keep spending the money?" thing. 

One obvious answer is "911".  It's not clear that this is or can ever 
be reliable with cell phones.  Finding horor stories online with cell 
phones, VOiP pseudo-phones and services like skype  is  pretty  easy. 
Unlike  some  people, we're not getting any younger, and there's some 
value to this sort of "ambulance insurance", though it's not clear to 
us that the price is right. 

There's also the usual hassle of getting friends switched over to the 
cell  numbers  (which  in  my  experience they don't do until the old 
number goes away).  And doing this with all the companies  that  feel 
they  have  the  right to ignore the Do-Not-Call list because we once 
did business with them is another hassle.  It is nice  to  know  that 
they'll just leave a message at home rather than interrupting us when 
we're out doing something because we've never  given  them  our  cell 

Our land line is monopolized by Verizon, which I don't like  as  much 
as  anyone else, but a minimal service (local calls only) might be an 
acceptable alternative if it's cheap enough.  I did find somewhere in  a  mention  of  an  "unlimited  local  calling" plan for 
$19.64/month, which still seems a bit high for "ambulance  insurance" 
that might not be used for years.  I've heard rumors that there might 
be even cheaper minimal service, but  the  sales  people  at  Verizon 
either  don't  know about it, or won't admit that it exists.  They do 
make it obvious that they're not too interested in talking to me. 

So any ideas?  Should we just shrug and scrap the land line? 

(I also wonder if it's time to plan the summer BBQ yet? ;-) 

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