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KDE vs. GNOME session management

I once experimented with switching from GNOME as my established desktop to 
KDE.  I discovered the various documents I had on my GNOME desktop did not 
transfer over to KDE.  Also, various menu items, as I recall, seemed to 
have been either relocated to nonobvious places or just not there.

The thought then occurred to me - why can't there be a simple mechanism to 
permit, effectively, a seemless transition between the two, apparently 
most popular, window managers?   KDE and GNOME are pretty universal among 
Linux distros, and possibly into the BSD and beyond realms.   All 
configuration and user data should remain untouched.

This would, or could, be the equivalent of skins, or desktop themes.   You 
place a new theme (i.e. new Windows XP vs old "classic") - some basics 
look different, but your environment hasn't fundametally changed.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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