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KDE vs. GNOME session management

On 12/30/2008 12:36 PM, Scott R. Ehrlich wrote:
> I once experimented with switching from GNOME as my established desktop=
> KDE.  I discovered the various documents I had on my GNOME desktop did =
> transfer over to KDE.  Also, various menu items, as I recall, seemed to=
> have been either relocated to nonobvious places or just not there.
> The thought then occurred to me - why can't there be a simple mechanism=
> permit, effectively, a seemless transition between the two, apparently =

> most popular, window managers?   KDE and GNOME are pretty universal amo=
> Linux distros, and possibly into the BSD and beyond realms.   All=20
> configuration and user data should remain untouched.
> This would, or could, be the equivalent of skins, or desktop themes.   =
> place a new theme (i.e. new Windows XP vs old "classic") - some basics =

> look different, but your environment hasn't fundametally changed.
>  =20
I have used KDE for a number of years both on my home workstation, my=20
laptop, and my systems at HP, but since I've been working with RHEL and=20
Ubuntu, I've pretty much switched to GNOME. I think both have some=20
excellent features. One thing I like particularly about GNOME is that it =

comes up much faster on login than KDE. In the past, Konqueror served as =

both the KDE web browser as well as file manager, and was essentially=20
integrated into the fabric of KDE itself. At one point KDE had the full=20
support of SuSE, but since Novell acquired SuSE, I think that KDE has=20
suffered a bit. I might switch my home system F10 to KDE or a while just =

to compare them again.

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