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Forms-design application builder tool?

Rich Braun wrote:
> So I want a reasonably straighforward way of generating a form based on my
> schema, and can't seem to find anything useful.  
> One of the most sophisticated ones out there, believe it or not, is the Base
> tool in OpenOffice--but it's modeled after a 1993-vintage version of MS Access
> (no thanks!).

Have you looked at Kexi ( It's described
as "Microsoft Access for Linux." It was recently covered in Linux Journal.

> If you were building a database-driven website design today (one that looks
> like, say,, with the goal of providing browsable/updateable views of,
> say, DNS records), what framework would you start with?

That's a rather different question. Catalyst, Mojolicious
(, PSGI/Plack (, or
whatever is the latest flavor...


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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