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Forms-design application builder tool?

Tom Metro suggested:
> Have you looked at Kexi ( It's described
> as "Microsoft Access for Linux."

I'll have to read that one; at first glance it does look like Koffice's answer
to OpenOffice Base, both of which are answers to MS Access.  The Kexi site
even references the Northwind Traders database example which came with my MS
Access software package in 1994 (!).

I'm thinking something a bit more 2011, though, that looks more like an
Ajax-enabled smartphone app and less like an IBM 3278 screen.  I'll take
either, though, if the so-called "rapid prototyping" gets me something that
works more-or-less-good-enough in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

> [Building an imdb-like site is] a rather different question.

That's my /only/ question, actually.  I have a set of data schema that, for
all intents and purposes, consists of a primary list (call them Films) and
several related lists like Actors, Genres, Awards, and Media Formats.  I want
to scroll through the list, sort by field, and if I click a specific value in
a record currently displayed, bring up a list of data records that share that
value in common.  IMDB was invented in 1995 and it boggles my mind that an
open-source rendition of that user-interface hasn't been published for
general-purpose site design.  Notwithstanding a recent terrible redesign of
their site, the beauty of it has always been the simple logic flow (you're
either on the "list" screen or the "detail" screen) and the two-dimensional
highly-meshed cross linking (fields from the database are presented as
clickable links which take you to the "list" screen of records containing that
field/value nexus).

I hired a guy to create such a thing from scratch but it bogged down after
months of effort, so I'm trying to come up with a different approach on top of
an existing framework instead of roll-my-own.

> Catalyst, Mojolicious
> (, PSGI/Plack (, or
> whatever is the latest flavor...

Thanks for this list, I'll go off and loook at those...


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