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[Discuss] VOIP provider

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Tom Metro
> Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> > I use callcentric, and I'm happy with them and recommend them.
> I use Callcentric as well, but not for anything important, and I can not
> recommend them.
> Really? No backup data center? No disaster recovery plan? No
> communication during the outage?
> The more troubling bit is that they're probably typical for most VoIP
> providers, and as a consumer on the outside with nothing but a
> provider's marketing to go on, it is extremely difficult to separate the
> providers that have a few rented racks in some data center and those
> that are running an actual carrier-grade operation.

So, you're saying, you cannot recommend them, but also cannot recommend *any* voip provider.

That's fair, but IMHO, anybody (even as big as Visa and Godaddy, and the CIA) can be brought down by DDoS.  And Sandy was pretty huge.  I'll admit I was inconvenienced by those outages (that seemed to be one big outage), but I couldn't expect any other company, however big or small, to withstand it.

They reacted to the DDoS.  And they have always consistently provided excellent support.   (Compare THAT to vonage.)   ;-)

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