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[Discuss] VOIP provider

Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> So, you're saying, you cannot recommend them, but also cannot
> recommend *any* voip provider.


Of course my experience with other VoIP providers is quite limited. And
even if it wasn't, I'd only have superficial insight into them. If you
search for provider reviews online, this is the sort of thing you'll
turn up. Lots about features, pricing, and support, but nothing that
tells you how a provider will handle a disaster.

What I'd welcome is some organization that really understand what's
important for delivering VoIP taking an inside look at the top 10 or 20
VoIP providers and evaluate them based on the design of their

> ...anybody...can be brought down by DDoS.

Sure, but I bet if you saw Callcentric's infrastructure design described
and compared to some of their competitors, you could soon spot which
company would be more likely to succumb to such an attack.

Then again, we're hearing with some regularity of outages in Amazon's
EC3 services, and one would expect them to have exemplary infrastructure

> ...but I couldn't expect any other company, however big or small, to
> withstand it.

If they had a redundant setup in a data center anywhere outside the
North East, they could have rode out the storm, with only an impact to
the local NYC POTS lines, which many Callcentric customers don't use (I


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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