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[Discuss] list archive viewer

John Abreau wrote:
> I've made a first pass at setting up mhonarc.

Nice. I gather it had easy hooks to add your own headers/footers?

A step in the right direction.

Richard Pieri wrote:
> Tom Metro wrote:
>> ...again no integrated search engine,
> That's a feature. Let Google and Bing and whatever eventually displaces
> them handle search. ...and you don't have to maintain it on a day to
> day basis.

Yes, I generally agree. A proper local search engine would let you take
advantage of the metadata to do things like searching for an author or
within a specified message date range.

But a Google site search box is probably good enough, and far less
effort for BLU to maintain. So yes, we should add a search box to the
MHonArc header.

I wrote:
> offers up a different sort of integration possibility.
> They provide the algorithm they use to calculate an archive post's URL,
> so you can add this code to your mailing list manager and have the
> "permalink" for archived message appear in the footer of the distributed
> message.
> Gmane supports the same idea using the message ID...
> which should be even easier to integrate into a mailing list manager.

It turns out there is an RFC covering this idea:

The Archived-At Message Header Field
December 2007

and more importantly, newer versions of mailman support it. Added in 3.0
alpha 2 (03-Jan-2009):

  The permalink proposal for supporting RFC 5064 has been adopted.

It also adds:

  Support added for a local MHonArc archiver, as well as archiving
  automatically in the remote service.

BLU is running 2.1.12. The current stable version is 2.1.16 (16-Oct-2013).

3.0 is still in beta, and has been in development for many years (as you
can see above, an early version dates back to 2009). This wiki page
covers it:

and says there is no ETA for the release, and lists a bunch of things
still left to be done. Unfortunately the wiki doesn't offer any
assessment of the usability of the current beta version. I guess for
that you'd have to ask on the developers list.

This other page:
does express an opinion:

  This is a beta release. The developers believe it has sufficient
  functionality to provide full mailing list services, but it is not yet
  ready for production use.

  The Mailman 3 beta releases are being provided to give developers and
  other interested people an early look at the next major version, and
  site administrators a chance to prepare for an eventual upgrade. The
  core list management and post distribution functionality is now
  complete. However, unlike Mailman 2 whose web interface and archives
  were tightly integrated with the core, Mailman 3 exposes a REST
  administrative interface to the web, communicates with archivers via
  decoupled interfaces, and leaves summary, search, and retrieval of
  archived messages to a separate application (a simple implementation
  is provided). The web interface (known as Postorius) and archiver
  (known as Hyperkitty) are in separate development.

There is also a 2.2 branch started in 2006 that has some
3.0 features backported to it, but the wiki gives the impression that
this branch has been abandoned in favor of 3.0.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
Professional Profile:

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