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[Discuss] list archive viewer

It took about 6 hours of sustained focus to figure out how to get it
working the way I wanted.
Once I was satisfied with the results, I imported all the old archives, and
reconstructed a big chunk of missing archives from the archive on the
Nabble website.

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro+blu at> wrote:

> John Abreau wrote:
> > I've made a first pass at setting up mhonarc.
> >
> Nice. I gather it had easy hooks to add your own headers/footers?
> A step in the right direction.
> Richard Pieri wrote:
> > Tom Metro wrote:
> >> ...again no integrated search engine,
> >
> > That's a feature. Let Google and Bing and whatever eventually displaces
> > them handle search. ...and you don't have to maintain it on a day to
> > day basis.
> Yes, I generally agree. A proper local search engine would let you take
> advantage of the metadata to do things like searching for an author or
> within a specified message date range.
> But a Google site search box is probably good enough, and far less
> effort for BLU to maintain. So yes, we should add a search box to the
> MHonArc header.
> I wrote:
> > offers up a different sort of integration possibility.
> > They provide the algorithm they use to calculate an archive post's URL,
> > so you can add this code to your mailing list manager and have the
> > "permalink" for archived message appear in the footer of the distributed
> > message.
> >
> > Gmane supports the same idea using the message ID...
> > which should be even easier to integrate into a mailing list manager.
> It turns out there is an RFC covering this idea:
> The Archived-At Message Header Field
> December 2007
> and more importantly, newer versions of mailman support it. Added in 3.0
> alpha 2 (03-Jan-2009):
>   The permalink proposal for supporting RFC 5064 has been adopted.
> It also adds:
>   Support added for a local MHonArc archiver, as well as archiving
>   automatically in the remote service.
> BLU is running 2.1.12. The current stable version is 2.1.16 (16-Oct-2013).
> 3.0 is still in beta, and has been in development for many years (as you
> can see above, an early version dates back to 2009). This wiki page
> covers it:
> and says there is no ETA for the release, and lists a bunch of things
> still left to be done. Unfortunately the wiki doesn't offer any
> assessment of the usability of the current beta version. I guess for
> that you'd have to ask on the developers list.
> This other page:
> does express an opinion:
>   This is a beta release. The developers believe it has sufficient
>   functionality to provide full mailing list services, but it is not yet
>   ready for production use.
>   The Mailman 3 beta releases are being provided to give developers and
>   other interested people an early look at the next major version, and
>   site administrators a chance to prepare for an eventual upgrade. The
>   core list management and post distribution functionality is now
>   complete. However, unlike Mailman 2 whose web interface and archives
>   were tightly integrated with the core, Mailman 3 exposes a REST
>   administrative interface to the web, communicates with archivers via
>   decoupled interfaces, and leaves summary, search, and retrieval of
>   archived messages to a separate application (a simple implementation
>   is provided). The web interface (known as Postorius) and archiver
>   (known as Hyperkitty) are in separate development.
> There is also a 2.2 branch started in 2006 that has some
> 3.0 features backported to it, but the wiki gives the impression that
> this branch has been abandoned in favor of 3.0.
>  -Tom
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