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[Discuss] BLU's SEO (Martin Owens)

> markw at wrote:
>> If I plaster an ad with a picture of a cold glass orange juice, and
>> write
>> "Fresh Orange Juice, tastes good and is good for you with natural
>> vitamin
>> C" It is objectively truthful.
> Except that it isn't objectively truthful.
> What you're not saying is that orange juice is *loaded* with sugar,
> about 24 grams of sugar in in an 8oz serving. That's almost as much
> sugar per ounce as Coca-Cola (26g/8oz) or Pepsi Cola (27g/8oz). Orange
> juice also has about 10% more calories per ounce as Coke and Pepsi.
> Fruit juice is as bad for you as Coke and Pepsi in large quantities. The
> sugar and acid are bad for your teeth and the calories are bad for your
> weight and general health. Excess vitamin C intake causes indigestion
> and diarrhea. That you see orange juice = healthy in spite of these
> facts is the result of some of the most successful marketing campaigns
> of the 1950s and 1960s.

This is the real problem in this discussion, and probably on much larger
fronts as well.

All facts and truths come with caveats. There is no "non-trivial" thing
that can be considered universally true or false. If one were to say
"Water is wet," a fundamental objective truth, it can be countered as
steam is water and steam is not wet, and ice is water and ice is not wet.
There are always conditions and states were things generally regarded as
one thing can be considered another. On top of that, the canonical
definition of "water" is H2O in its liquid form. So, depending on the
context, the word "water" can make the statement 100% true or partially
true based on how it is used and the intention of the person using it.

Life is terribly imperfect and ambiguous. We have to accept that
generalities are necessary for any meaningful conversation. If someone
wants to argue and derail conversation, all they need to do is pick apart
semantics until everyone gets fed up with the definition of "is."

Fresh orange juice, with pulp, is generally a more healthy alternative to
coca cola. In excess, like anything, and it can be unhealthy.

Sugar with balanced disaccharides (glucose and fructose in equal
proportions) is not unhealthy (in fact necessary) in appropriate

> I can't speak to your DVD advertisement since I don't know the contents
> of this hypothetical example and therefore have nothing to analyze.
> As for Faux News? 'nuff said. :)
> --
> Rich P.
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