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[Discuss] [OT] BLU's SEO (Martin Owens)

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 05:35:51PM -0400, markw at wrote:
> All facts and truths come with caveats. There is no "non-trivial" thing
> that can be considered universally true or false. If one were to say
> "Water is wet," a fundamental objective truth, it can be countered as
> steam is water and steam is not wet, and ice is water and ice is not wet.

Neither steam nor ice are water; water is liquid dihydrogen monoxide.
Steam is gaseous dihydrogen monoxide, and ice is solid dihydrogen

Besides which, "something that wets" is one of the definitions of wet;
both steam and ice will do that.

Derek D. Martin   GPG Key ID: 0xDFBEAD02
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