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[Discuss] Why use Linux?

On 02/12/2014 02:24 AM, markw at wrote:
>> Yes, developers give away some rights if they develop under GPL,
> This is simply not true. If I develop my software and publish it under the
> GPL, I give away NONE of my freedoms.

I feel the same.  As a developer / user I think it protects my freedoms.
 Anything I write will always be under the GPL or something very similar
or I won't do it.  How many of us have written something that we can
never see again because of proprietary licenses?  Or had a project shut
down because you didn't own it.  If I made something and want to
continue working on it, then I should be able to.  If company "A" has a
lawyer that disagrees they can find somebody else to do the work.  The
GPL protects us.  The folks who actually make stuff.  Nevertheless some
of my favorite people disagree, and that's OK.

- Eric

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