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[Discuss] Why use Linux?

Eric Chadbourne wrote:
> I feel the same.  As a developer / user I think it protects my
> freedoms. Anything I write will always be under the GPL or something
> very similar or I won't do it.  How many of us have written something
> that we can

Point: rights and freedoms are not the same thing. When Mark (no, the
other Mark) wrote that using the GPL -- or any copyleft license -- means
forfeiting some of your rights he meant exactly that. That's the entire
point of copyleft: you forfeit some of your rights as the author in
exchange for granting everyone else more freedom to use the work.

> never see again because of proprietary licenses?  Or had a project
> shut down because you didn't own it.  If I made something and want
> to continue working on it, then I should be able to.  If company "A"
> has a

I disagree because the statement is too broad. If you are paid for work
-- that is, work for hire -- then you never had any rights to that work.
You forfeited them in advance when you signed the contract to do the
work. If that's not what you want to do then don't sign the contract in
the first place.

Rich P.

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