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[Discuss] Linux file systems

markw at wrote:
> I wouldn't touch EXT[N] for anything but a system partition.

Can you elaborate on your reasons?

> XFS or JFS is almost a coin toss, but XFS seems like it is more active.

Back in 2006 when I set up a MythTV system, the consensus was to use XFS
for the video storage. It was more optimal for large files, and fast
deletes. That consensus held for many years after.

I haven't looked recently to see if that's still the case. It wouldn't
surprise me to see Btrfs, ZFS, or even Ext4 being recommended.

I hope XFS has gotten some updating in recent years. In 2006 it was
ahead of the curve, but a lot has happened in file systems since then.
(I haven't paid much attention to XFS since then, other than to notice,
as Mark mentions, that it is still actively maintained. I've been more
interested in Btrfs or ZFS for NAS applications.)

My general advice is to stick with the default file systems recommended
by your distribution, unless you have special requirements. If you are
building a NAS, video storage, or a high-performance production machine,
then it's worth your time to look at the trade-offs you get from


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