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[Discuss] Reading Linux book

On 03/27/2014 03:03 PM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Also, if you multi-boot Linuxes you can easily get the installer to 
> point to your shared /home. I've done this with both SuSE and Red Hat 
> based distros.

Good point. I get nervous about installers and my understanding of their 
user interface to being sure we agree they are to use an existing /home 
and not change I just have them create a new /home 
directory under /, and later I'll mount my real /home there.

But having a separate /home partition is a good idea either way.


P.S. I was under the impression Hans Reiser wasn't getting out of prison 
any time soon--at least I hope a man who murdered his wife and carefully 
hid the body doesn't get out too soon. Maybe bake him a cake with a 
little computer and cell modem hidden inside and he could resume 
reiserfs work from inside the pokey.

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