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[Discuss] SysVinit vs. systemd

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:14:39PM -0400, Tom Metro wrote:
> Opinions?

In short:

. Monoculture is bad

. systemd does not play well with others

. systemd advocates act as if There Can Only Be One and so they
  must win at any cost

I see a link between my second and third points: systemd tries to
embrace, extend and extinguish because the people responsible for it
have a culture which wants that.

systemd advocates sound like the social Borg to me: resistance is futile,
we have already won, why are you arguing?

systemd is intensely hubristic: systemd is the best, therefore systemd
is superior to all other systems, therefore systemd should to the jobs
that other systems do. systemd doesn't want your syslogd, even though the
reason that there are five or six competing implementations is because
people have different needs and getting this stuff right is hard. systemd
will take over dhcp client duties for you because that can shave 400ms off
your start time in an ideal environment; forget flexibility. systemd will
take over your ntp client because systemd rah! rah! rah!  even though NTP
is an incredibly hairy protocol with a long history of subtle mistakes.

systemd doesn't have the good kind of hubris.


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