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[Discuss] SysVinit vs. systemd

On 9/11/14 11:46 AM, Bill Ricker wrote:
> I wonder which "makers of grep" added -r ?
While my opinion isn't worth the electrons it uses, all through out my
time behind the keyboard, I've learned that the KISS principle is the
best way to survive.

I had a set of scripts that were written for use on our *NIX servers and
the way they were written drove a bunch of more seasoned sysadmins into
apoplectic fits. "My god, this looks like it was written by a five year
old!", "What are you and idiot? Look at this you even used 'cat'!"

Gawd how he ranted about it. When he finished, I asked one of the
MS-Windows admins if he used my script and if he understood it. I then
asked "Does it always work for you?" and he agreed to all the above.

My response was, while it doesn't use (the equivalent of the grep -r)
obscure and specialized tool features, it always works and the poor
schmuck who has to deal with it at two AM after getting paged can
understand it and get the system back online quickly.

In this day and age, we no longer live in silo environments. We have to
learn more across platforms and boarders. Knowing obscure and esoteric
switches and features of simple software isn't as helpful as being able
to get the job done quickly and reliably and *repeatedly*.

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