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[Discuss] automatic daemon restarts

On 9/16/2014 9:12 AM, Jason Normand wrote:
> this also assuming the monitoring and restart system is intelligent enough
> to not fall into a rapid fail restart loop.

Precisely. I /did/ write "blind restarts", didn't I? Yes, I did:

>> Blind restarts can obfuscate this information, can cause
>> damage to data, and can exacerbate existing damage.

I've been in the position where another administrator's blind restart
mechanism destroyed a production database and I had to clean up the
mess. Call me insulting and ignorant and one-sided if you will but I've
been there before. I'd rather not go there ever again.

If you insist on going there yourself? That's your problem. I'd
appreciate it if you (and systemd) would cease trying to make it mine.

Rich P.

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