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[Discuss] swift?

Matthew Gillen <me at> writes:

> Languages and frameworks that are specific to iOS are not interesting to me.

Yeah, me neither.  It strikes me as a given this only cannabilizes from
Objective-C programmers with Apple hardware.  Other than that?  Maybe
you could see the ?toil? project taking it up as one of their languages
if one of them has enthusiasm for it. What, you never heard of the
?toil? project?

> Contrary to everyone talking about M$ imitating Apple, I think what's
> happening here is the opposite.  The only reason they'd open source this

The two aren't mutually exclusive I think. But which Microsoft are they
imitating, the one people were afraid of or today's?  Cause you can also
interpret a company like Apple or Microsoft open sourcing something as a
hail mary or a desperate plea for attention.  Another list I'm on had
someone ask a similar question to Eric's when Apple had their first
Swift press release last year (the last time the press or anyone else
had anything to say about Swift?). Despite Wired then running an article
saying it will "Remake Computer Programming" who actually gives a damn
about Swift a year later. Maybe I'm living under a rock.

Mike Small
smallm at

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