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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 1:55 PM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu)
<blu at> wrote:
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>> Behalf Of Jack Coats
>> Syncing is a form of backup IMHO.
> The reason why syncing is not a backup, is because if you delete a file, and the deletion gets replicated, you cannot recover the deleted file.
> Ability to recover deleted files (or old versions of files that have been overwritten) is a pretty important characteristic of a backup system.

Some people would call that an archival system.   While it is true
that most backup systems allow you to recover deleted/old version of
it's not clear that is a required part of a backup system in the
strictest sense.  Still it comes in handy and has been a typical
feature of most backups systems so being aware of when it isn't
available is well worth knowing.

Bill Bogstad

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