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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

Lots of great ideas here.
The backup system I used for my company before it got IBM'd was:
1. periodic rsnapshots. As rich mentioned, rsnapshot takes advantage of 
the --rdest feature of rcync, that created a hard link on duplicate files.
2. Automatically backed up from our NY office nightly. They would use 
daily.1 so there would be no conflict with a running rsnapshot. The data 
could be up to a couple of days old.

My concern with cloud backups is the cloud provider itself. A lot of 
these businesses like ownCloud could go out of business without 
notification. So, my choice for a cloud would be to a stable platform. 
Amazon is not going to go out of business tomorrow. But, as we all 
probably know, Ubuntu withdrew their cloud sync last year. The other 
issues have been very intelligently addressed here, so I won't comment.

On 09/25/2015 08:05 PM, Rich Pieri wrote:
> On 9/25/2015 6:14 PM, Kent Borg wrote:
>> As the cloud gets all cool, remember the virtues of off-line backups.
> Also remember the Code Spaces breach. Their bullet-proof backup plan 
> turned out not be bullet-proof at all.

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