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[Discuss] systemd explanations

On 2/18/2016 12:36 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> Go on any Linux mailing list, and *BSD is seen as a close cousin,

RMS and the FSF have, for many years, insulted BSD developers and BSD
users, calling them "unethical" and "antisocial". They describe the BSD
licenses in terms like "obnoxious advertising".

Torvalds called FreeBSD developers "incompetent idiots" on the LKML.

So no, I do not agree that "any Linux mailing list" sees *BSD as a close
cousin, not when the two biggest names in free (as in FSF) software
right now hold *BSD developers and users in such low regard.

> It's too bad. OpenBSD is an excellent OS that always works right. But
> if the cost of using OpenBSD is hearing all that anti-Linux stuff,
> perhaps I better stay away from it.

RMS did start it. Perhaps I am being petty, but if anti-something stuff
is a reason to avoid a thing then I think that avoiding GNU ranks higher
on the list than avoiding BSD.

Rich P.

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