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[Discuss] systemd explanations

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 1:03 PM, Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:

> RMS did start it. Perhaps I am being petty, but if anti-something stuff
> is a reason to avoid a thing then I think that avoiding GNU ranks higher
> on the list than avoiding BSD

?There's a slogan
  "Well-behaved women rarely make history."?
?It applies to geeks'n'nerds too.

A rebel willing to build a new OS (etc) instead of just coding mortgage
rules in COBOL may be a rebel in matters of social graces too. Rejecting
unwanted input quickly may indeed be necessary to build something big
quickly with a small team.

Back in the Usenet i enjoyed being one those graceless nerds ... alas some
of us have neither grown up *nor* built an OS (or other useful major

But yes, the social history of the creator of SystemD and the CF resulting
from of some of his prior code are two reasons (in addition to 'Unix
Philosophy' if one subscribes to that) to take at best a
wait-and-see/show-me attitude to this SystemD 'glorious revolution'.

(And yes, as one who remembers ?Unix?  before System V and BSD4.3 bloat
... i.e, i.g, to whit and viz: Bell v6-PWB & v7; ?BSD 3 , 4.1, 4.2;
and SCO System III Xenix on Z8000 back when SCO were the good guys ...

?yes yes i do value the Unix Philosophy.

And frankly, much of Gnu userland has long since wandered away from that,
along the path the original UCB BSD ?started.

So i want to know, does One daemon to rule them all mean we'll be back to
when in doubt, reboot?
Being able to kill -9 a single service if it doesn't accept a stop/restart
message is a good thing if an OS image is in anyway shared. In a world
where each VM has only one application running, maybe that doesn't matter.
But i don't believe every running image is that model, whatever the Cloud
providers tell us.

So i'll be interested in what Christoph has to say about SystemD.
He's a straight-shooter.
If he asks us to turn off the video tape so that he doesn't get blowback
from $DayJob, it'll be great;
if not, reading between the lines may be a challenge :-)

[Disclosure: my and CD's prior employer is the same, where we collaborated,
so i have a bias to trust him, which i feel is well-founded based on
experience. BLU has him as an annual speaker so i guess we collectively do
too. ]

Bill Ricker
bill.n1vux at

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