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[Discuss] systemd explanations


On 02/18/16 12:36, Steve Litt wrote:
> It's too bad. OpenBSD is an excellent OS that always works right. But 
> if the cost of using OpenBSD is hearing all that anti-Linux stuff, 
> perhaps I better stay away from it.

hmm ... you can run openBSD without looking at any of the mailing lists 
or comments. i just switched about a year ago and have been very happy 
[well, firefox keeps crashing on google drive, but chrome does not- 

also, i think you can find people making comments that are idiotic 
hurtful or just ignorant just about anywhere on the network discussing 
anything you might imagine [and probably some things that you have not 
imagined] ...

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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