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Keysigning Party Signup Sheet

1. Post your public key to keyserver "".
2. Enter your key ID (the eight-digit hex number) to register for the BLU keysigning.
3. Come to the BLU keysigning party with proof of your identity,
including a photo ID such as a drivers license or a passport.

SeqKey IDOwnerFingerprintSizeType
1 920063C6 John Abreau (Personal GMail 2013) A5AD 6BE1 FEFE 8E4F 5C23 C2D0 E885 E17C 9200 63C6 4096 RSA
2 EF9E5FB0 Beat Arnet 6116 D06D 2267 673E E4CD D393 0571 2ED4 EF9E 5FB0 2048 RSA
3 C59C5B57 Beat Juerg Arnet 7B40 9542 E6AA 1F2B D32F FE43 4D02 FF47 C59C 5B57 4096 RSA
4 AB5A52A9 Paolo De Marino (Personal key) 3801 867A 0DA1 885E 1460 1B8C 34B9 6280 AB5A 52A9 4096 RSA
5 3BC1EB90 Jerry Feldman 49E2 C52A FC5A A31F 8D66 C0AF 7CEA 30FC 3BC1 EB90 2048 RSA
6 32A0D8C7 Christopher James Johnson 1430 CCDA 4D04 39C7 598A 5815 D0CD EB5D 32A0 D8C7 4096 RSA
7 FECF84FB aslam karachiwala 736C D83E 32DB A2FD 0208 9113 0FC8 BA7D FECF 84FB 2048 DSA

BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups Earthlink Business
BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
Earthlink Business hosts our servers
We also thank MIT for the use of their facilities.

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