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Keysigning Party Signup Sheet

1. Post your public key to keyserver "".
2. Enter your key ID (the eight-digit hex number) to register for the BLU keysigning.
3. Come to the BLU keysigning party with proof of your identity,
including a photo ID such as a drivers license or a passport.

SeqKey IDOwnerFingerprintSizeType
1 920063C6 John Abreau (Personal GMail 2013) A5AD 6BE1 FEFE 8E4F 5C23 C2D0 E885 E17C 9200 63C6 4096 RSA
2 32A492D8 John M. Abreau (new key for 2011) 7834 AEC2 EFA3 565C A4B6 9BA4 0ACB AD85 32A4 92D8 3072 DSA
3 C88B04AC Stephen Bae B6B1 401D 658F FB6C A22B F39C 3362 04C4 C88B 04AC 2048 RSA
4 83FAF8E5 Robert C. Clements (/Rcc) BFD9 BA11 EED8 BA00 5294 83FE 1D67 9BBB 83FA F8E5 4032 RSA
5 3BC1EB90 Jerry Feldman 49E2 C52A FC5A A31F 8D66 C0AF 7CEA 30FC 3BC1 EB90 2048 RSA
6 A3503B61 Steven Glenn Jackson F7C7 6C94 DBB2 C0FB A542 E1F4 4644 9A2F A350 3B61 4096 RSA
7 A9413B9F Eric J. Martin D1C4 086E DBB5 C18E 6FDA B215 6A25 7174 A941 3B9F 1024 DSA
8 C704B30F Eric J. Martin C74F 1EBF 2E80 7984 8CB5 064E BF17 D34C C704 B30F 4096 RSA
9 146797FA Eric J. Martin (New Key for Snowbound Software) A4B8 D92C 2FA1 BABF B9FE 332C B20C 6569 1467 97FA 4096 RSA
10 BFBC8D95 Ian Maxwell 4C93 1784 21B6 872A 81DB 4BD6 73B6 8566 BFBC 8D95 4096 RSA
11 41936952 William Ricker (Boston) 090F 3675 F519 C3D3 A5D8 E763 9CD4 CB6D 4193 6952 4096 RSA
12 09CA918D Primavera AE21 F02F CAC2 EC64 848F DD46 1FF3 455D 09CA 918D 2048 RSA
13 EE4CABEA Martin Dluhos 08E6 63C1 49DF 7DFF 0B6C 74F7 ECD3 E7EA EE4C ABEA 2048 RSA
14 C3BD0068 Charles R. Anderson (NEW KEY) 652D 750F E0CE 0106 BD6F 03AB B20D 870D C3BD 0068 4096 RSA
15 A545E89F David Berman BA87 9D04 FFB2 E96A 8410 D5D7 841B EEC1 A545 E89F 2048 DSA
16 49BB5886 Charles R. Anderson EBA3 A106 7C93 FA07 8E15 3AC2 C367 A0F9 49BB 5886 1024 DSA
17 11A87736 Thibaut Horel 8806 2530 A262 8DE1 EA92 5A35 9D68 5C2C 11A8 7736 4096 RSA
18 0FA16145 David Kramer DD93 73E5 F2DE BDB6 FF11 FE21 17BC 58F1 0FA1 6145 2048 RSA

BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups Earthlink Business
BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
Earthlink Business hosts our servers
We also thank MIT for the use of their facilities.

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