Boston Linux & UNIX was originally founded in 1994 as part of The Boston Computer Society. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Building E51.

Meeting Notes

Short Takes: Fotoxx 2018 Update; Application Containers
18 July 2018; Jerry Feldman; Dick Miller
          Jerry's slides on Wayland vs X11 :: containers :: wayland

Blockchain, and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
16 May 2018; Bill Ricker and Jerry Feldman
          Bill's BitCoin Rant :: odp :: pdf

Lightning Talks 2018
18 April 2018; Brian DeLacey, Kurt Keville, Alexei Miagkov, others
          Brian's photos :: zip :: html
          Alexei's slides :: zip :: html

Algot Runeman on 3D Printing
15 November 2017; Algot Runeman
          Algot's Overview :: html
          Algot's slides :: zip :: html

IoT Security, Digital Data Privacy, the Linux Dirty COW and related matters
19 April 2017; Brian DeLacey
          Brian's slides :: pdf

Linux Encrypted Backups
15 February 2017; Brian DeLace, Jerry Feldman
          Restic slides (pptx) :: pdf

Red Hat OCID and Container Security
18 January 2017; Daniel J. Walsh
          Dan's slides :: html :: tarball :: text

Reproducible Builds
16 November 2016; Valerie Young
          Blog post :: txt
          Valerie's slides :: pdf

Transposition Cyphers in Historic Context
21 September 2016; Bill Ricker
          Bill's Slides :: odp :: pdf :: ppt :: pptx
          Bill's Notes :: txt
          PGP primer in emoji :: png
          Anatomy of a Cipher :: pdf
          Gray Fox ACW Intercepts Plants :: pdf

Rooftop WLAN, IoT, and the Doobie Brothers
18 May 2016; Kurt Keville
          Derek's slides :: pdf

Linux Soup XVI: SystemD overview
16 March 2016; Christoph Doerbeck
          Christoph's slides :: pdf
          Getting to Know Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 :: pdf

Functional Package Management and GNU Guix
20 January 2016; David Thompson
          David's slides :: pdf

Introduction to Ceph and Architectural Overview
16 December 2015; Federico Lucifredi
          Federico's slides :: pdf

OSS Digital Photography Workflow
18 Novenber 2015; Christoph Doerbeck
          Christoph's slides :: pdf

Energia MT: Efficiently Sensing the World Around You
20 May 2015; Brian DeLacey, Zigurd Mednieks, Arun Thomas
          Brian's slides :: pdf
          Zigurd's slides :: pdf :: pptx

SoC Update : How embedded Linux is changing the PC ecosystem
15 April 2015; Brian DeLacey, Kurt Keville, Aaron
          TI-RTOS working on the CC3200 :: mp4
          Brian's slides :: pdf

Linux Filesystem Comparisons
17 December 2014; Jerry Feldman
          Jerry's slides :: pdf :: PDF/A :: LibreOffice

Crypto News, Tor, and our annual PGP/GnuPG Keysigning Party (XIV)
17 September 2014; Bill Ricker, Shava Nerad
          Bill's notes on Crypto News :: LibreOffice :: PDF

OpenCL: The open standard for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems
16 July 2014; Chris Allen
          Chris' slides (DRAFT - Jul 13) :: LibreOffice

Getting Started with IPv6
16 April 2014; Walter Horowitz
          Walter's slides :: LibreOffice :: PowerPoint :: PDF

Linux Soup XIV: CGroups and Linux Containers (LXC)
19 March 2014; Christoph Doerceck, Daniel J. Walsh
          Raw audio of meeting :: mp3 :: caf

System-on-a-Chip: Deep Dive
19 February 2014; Brian DeLacey, Kurt Keville, Federico Lucifredi, Gianfranco Comune
          Kurt's slides :: pdf

Galileo, Linux, and the Internet of Things
15 January 2014; Brian DeLacey
          Brian's slides :: pdf

Python for Systems Administration
18 December 2013; Jerry Feldman
          Jerry's slides :: pdf :: LibreOffice

Data Privacy on Android Devices
20 November 2013; David Kramer
          David's slides :: pdf

Whirlpools, Maelstroms, and Maytags with Android's Sticks and Chips
17 April 2013; Brian DeLacey, Kurt Keville
          Brian's slides :: pdf

IPv6 on a Home Network
20 February 2013; Daniel Hagerty
          Daniel's slides from 2013 BLU meeting :: pdf
          Daniel's slides from 2010 BBLISA talk :: pdf

Android Sensors: What Can Your Android Sense For You
16 January 2013; Greg Milette and Adam Stroud
          IRC chat log :: Text
          Greg and Adam's slides :: GoogleDocs :: pdf :: pptx

Porting Linux to ARM Servers
21 November 2012; Jon Masters
          Audio of Jon's talk :: ogg

Moodle - Learning with the Power of Open Source
17 October 2012; Joseph Guarino
          Joseph's slides :: PDF
          Audio of Joe's talk :: mp4

Passwords: "The Death of Clever"
19 September 2012; Bill Ricker
          Joe Abley's "Trust Reflection" slides :: PDF
          Bill's slides :: OpenOffice Impress :: PDF
          Video of meeting :: YouTube
          Keyring from the BLU 2012 keysigning :: GnuPG keyring
          Tony Brett's PGP intro slides :: Powerpoint
          Bill's links :: OpenOffice Text :: Text
          Huij's PGP intro slides :: Powerpoint

Full-Disk Encryption
15 Februry 2012; Various presenters
          Lestra/Hughes crypto paper: "Ron was wrong, Whit is right" :: PDF
          Article: "No need to panic" :: HTML

Selling Open Source - Being Persuasive with Management
21 December 2011; Presented by Joseph Guarino
          Joseph Guarino's slides :: PDF

Rolling out IPv6 on Linux
16 November 2011; Presented by Chuck Anderson
          Video of meeting :: YouTube
          Chuck's slides :: PDF

Usability and Fotoxx
19 October 2011; Presented by Dick and Jill Miller
          Audio recording of meeting :: Ogg Vorbis
          Video of meeting :: YouTube

PGP/GnuPG Keysigning Party XII
21 September 2011; Presented by Bill Ricker
          Script to sign and email keys via Batch-SMTP shar archive :: Bash
          Video of meeting :: YouTube
          Bill Ricker's meeting notes :: OpenOffice :: PDF
          Participants' keys :: keyring
          List of participants :: HTML

Android Tablet Wars
17 August 2011; Presented by Brian DeLacey, Jerry Feldman, etc.
          Audio recording of meeting :: MP3 :: Ogg Vorbis
          Video of meeting :: YouTube
          Jerry Feldman's slides :: ODP

Arduino Hacking 101: Importing the Universe
20 July 2011; Presented by Federico Lucifredi
          Federico's OSCON Slides :: PDF

Net Neutrality and the FCC
16 February 2011; Presented by Caroline Hunter
          Caroline Hunter's discussion notes :: OpenOffice :: PDF

UNIX, Linux, and BSD: A Look Back (again)
15 April 2009; Presented by Clem Cole
          Clem's new slides :: PDF
          Clem's slides from 2000 :: PDF

Doc Searls on Vendor Relationship Management
18 March 2009; Presented by Doc Searls
          Audio of meeting :: Ogg Vorbis

Linux TCO in the Enterprise
18 February 2009; Presented by Frank Curran and Rich Braun
          Frank's TCO slides :: PDF
          Rich's slides :: PowerPoint 2007
          Frank's virtual appliances slides :: PDF

Free Fun - Open Source Video Games
15 October 2008; Presented by Joseph Guarino
          Joseph's slides :: PDF

Linux Soup X: Red Hat 5 Virtualization
21 March 2007; Presented by Christoph Doerbeck
          Meeting Notes :: OpenOffice :: Text

Dynamic Network Mapping (PBNJ + Nmap)
17 January 2007; Presented by Josh Abraham
          Josh Abraham's slides :: PDF

Porting the Linux kernel
15 November 2006; presented by Jon Masters
          Jon Masters' slides :: PDF

The Linux startup process
21 June 2006; Presented by Jerry Feldman
          Jerry Feldman's slides :: OpenOffice :: PDF

SELinux Overview
21 September 2005; Presented by Daniel J Walsh
          Daniel J Walsh's slides :: PDF

Programming with POSIX Threads
18 May 2005; Presented by Jerry Feldman
          Jerry's slides :: Tarball (compressed) :: PDF

Two Topics: RouteWord, and MythTV
19 May 2004; Presented by Andrew Odewahn and Jeffrey Perry
          Jeff Perry's slides :: PowerPoint :: Zip archive

Beowulf Update
19 November 2003; Presented by Kurt Keville
          Kurt Keville's slides :: PDF

Gentoo Linux
15 October 2003; Presented by Dan Barrett and Rajiv Manglani
          Slides from the talk :: StarOffice :: Flash :: Postscript :: PDF

PGP/GnuPG Keysigning Party IV
17 September 2003
          Keyring with participants' keys :: PGP keyring

GNU Privacy Guard: HOWTO
16 July 2003; Presented by Jerry Feldman
          Jerry's slides :: PDF

CUPS: Common Unix Printing System
16 April 2003; Presented by Vince McHugh
          Vince's slides :: StarOffice

PGP/GnuPG Keysigning Party III
15 January 2003; Post-keysigning talk by Bill Horne
          Keyring of participants' keys :: PGP keyring

VMWare and IBM on VMWare ESX
18 December 2002; Presented by Sean Shea
          Server Consolidation Technologies: A Practical Guide :: Text :: PDF

LinuxSoup V: Linux in the Enterprise
20 March 2002; Presented by Christoph Doerbeck
          Automate System Builds with Kickstart :: Text :: PDF
          Christoph's slides :: Text :: PDF

PGP/GnuPG Keysigning Party
19 December 2001; Talk by Bill Ricker
          Keyring of participants' keys :: PGP keyring
          V. Alex Brennen's checksheet generator script :: Perl script

Postfix: An Overview
21 November 2001; Presented by Courtney Eckhardt
          Postfix: An Overview - 2nd hour (467mb; MPEG1) :: Video
          Postfix: An Overview - 1st hour (518mb; MPEG1) :: Video

PHP Web Development
21 February 2001; Presented by David Kramer
          David Kramer's demo :: Offsite

Enterprise Management and OpenNMS
20 December 2000; Presented by Shane O'Donnell
          Shane's slide show :: StarOffice :: HTML :: StarOffice (compressed)

Linux Home Automation with X10
21 June 2000; Presented by David Kramer
          David Kramer's presentation :: Offsite

Open Source, Linux, and Apache
19 January 2000; Presented by Rich Braun of Shore.Net; Gary Trujillo of AIP; and Joshua Freeman, Kurt Gray, and Bruce Twickler of Andover.Net
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

Network Security
14 December 1999; Presented by Eric Cole
          Eric's slides :: HTML
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

MicroOptical Displays
17 November 1999; Presented by Mark B. Spitzer
          Model EG-7, qVGA Invisible Monitor (320x240 pixels) :: JPEG
          Model CO-3, VGA Clip-on Monitor (640x480 pixels) :: JPEG
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

20 October 1999; Presented by Robert A. Getschmann
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

DDD: The Data Display Debugger
15 September 1999; Presented by Massimo Morin
          Massimo Morin's slides (StarOffice) :: Tarball (compressed)
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

18 August 1999; Presented by Frank Willison
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

Running Linux, 3rd Edition
16 June 1999; Presented by Lar Kaufman
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

19 May 1999; Presented by Tom Thompson
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

Meet the Members
21 April 1999; Open Mike Night
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

XTC - The X Tool Collection
17 February 1999; Presented by Eugene O'Neill
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

SmallTalk and VisualWorks
20 January 1999; Presented by James Robertson
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

16 December 1998; Presented by Christoph Doerbeck
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

Linux Soup
19 August 1998; Presented by Christoph Doerbeck
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

Lucent Technologies' Inferno
15 July 1998; Presented by Ted Kochanski, Ph.D
          Ted's description of what he planned to talk about :: HTML

IP Masquerading
17 June 1998; Presented by Eric Kidd
          David Kramer's meeting notes :: HTML

CORBA and Linux
15 October 1997; Presented by Marc Laukien
          Marc's slides :: HTML :: Tarball (compressed)

Volunteer Meeting
10 January 1996
          Notes from the volunteer meeting :: HTML

Volunteer Meeting
11 October 1995
          Notes from the volunteers meeting :: HTML

Volunteer Meeting
13 September 1995
          Notes from the volunteers meeting :: HTML

First Annual Linux/Unix BBQ
Saturday, August 5, 1995; MDC Camp Nihan
          Annoucement of the BBQ :: HTML

Troubleshooting Your Linux System
19 July 1995; Presented by Matt Welsh
          Matt's slides :: HTML :: Tarball (compressed)

Andrew User Interface System
21 June 1995; Presented by Bill Cattey
          AUIS logo :: JPEG :: Encapsulated Postscript
          Richard Weld's meeting report :: HTML

Linus Torvalds Comes to Boston!
17 May 1995; Presented by Linus Torvalds
          Rodney Thayer's meeting report :: HTML
          Notes from the Volunteers meeting :: HTML

Linux on Digital Alpha AXP
15 March 1995; Presented by Jim Paradis
          Jim's slides :: HTML :: WordPerfect :: RTF :: Word97 :: Tarball (compressed) :: Text

TCL and TK
15 February 1995; Presented by Robert Luoma
          Robert's handout :: HTML
          Guy Bzibziak's write-up of the meeting :: HTML

What Next?
16 November 1994; Presented by Roland Kenschaft
          Meeting notes by John Abreau :: HTML
          Notes from the volunteers meeting :: HTML

Providing Internet Services
6 September 1994; Presented by Rich Braun
          Meeting report by Richard Weld :: HTML

Linus Torvalds at DECUS
2 August 1994; Audio Pre-recorded at DECUS; Linus' slides handled by Jerry Feldman
          Meeting report by Richard Weld :: HTML
          Linus Torvalds' slides :: Postscript (compressed)
          Jerry Feldman's slides :: Postscript (compressed)

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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