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N.E. Linux User Group - Nov 2 in NH

I just received this notice of the New England Linux User Group, which
is meeting in New Hampshire on Wednesday, November 2.

John Abreau / Director, BCS Linux/Unix Group / jabr at
The Boston Computer Society / 101 First Avenue / Waltham, MA 02154
Voice: +1 617 290 5700 / Fax: +1 617 290 5744

------- Forwarded Message

>> The second Northern New England Linux User's Group Meeting <<


The second meeting of the Northern New England Linux User's Group will be held
at 1900 hours (that is 7 P.M. for you MSDOS/Windows fans) on Wednesday, 
2nd at the University of New Hampshire's Forest Park Community Center.
Directions are below.

Topics for discussion:

	o talks desired for future meetings
	o projects that we might do to improve LINUX
	o anything else you can think of (send them in boys and girls!!)

We discussed the second bullet a little at the first meeting, and two ideas
came forward (Ham radio relays and Graphical System Administration tools)
but any other ideas will be welcome.

Robert Curry, our intrepid founder, has told me that our agreed-on meeting 
(first Wednesday of every month) is now bad for him due to shifting evening
school needs, so we will also be discussing a good meeting night.  Sunday
evening has been suggested (to make sure it does not interfere with evening
school), but we want to be democratic about this (more or less), so let's talk
it over.

Tips for the adventurous:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just re-built my kernel from the Fall
Y*l release, and made sure I specified that it should take advantage of the
486 instruction set.  My system now flies.  The demos that Y*l provides go so
fast that I hardly get time to see the postscript rendered on the screen.  Plus
I saved about 40K worth of kernel space by getting rid of some drivers (but
the reclaimed memory space was really not a factor in the speed-up).  For those
of you who depend on the Y*l CDROM distribution (low or no access to Internet)
I will be bringing a copy of the Errata sheet for the Fall Distribution.

If you have questions about the group, or need better directions to the meeting
(I am not sure how much better I can do as these were written by Robert, who
lives there), feel free to call me at (603.673.7875 evenings. Or send e-mail.

This will be the last time that I will send a mailing to:

	tompkins at
	petals at
	bennett at
	rbrown at
	nneuug at

so if you want to hear about future meetings, please send me mail and I will
add you to the in-formal list.

Jon "maddog" Hall
The Univeristy of New Hampshire is in Durham, New Hampshire:

>From the west or the east follow Route 4 to the exit marked Rte 155A, UNH 
exit.  If coming from the west turn right into town (from the east turn left)
You are now on Main Street.  Follow Main Street into town past the tennis
courts and field house, over a small hill and RR tracks to the first blinking
light where you turn right onto McDaniel Drive.  Follow McDaniel Drive down a
small dip past the new building being constructed on the left and the blinking
light.  After you come up out of the dip the road will curve to the left and
you will come to Demerrit Way (just before a second blinking light).  Turn 
into Forest Park.

The Community Center is the first building on the right as you enter Forest 
Park. Parking is available on the street or in MARKED visitor spaces.  At this 

time of night parking is also available in the Kingsbury lot across the 

------- End of Forwarded Message

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