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Gateway 2000 video card

in my experience gateway machines are always weird and I'd avoid them.

At 04:20 PM 5/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm in the process of ordering a Gateway 2000 Pentium 133 with Windows NT. I
>also want to put Linux on it, so I'm checking out all the hardware to make
>sure things will work.
>One video card they offer is an ATI CT Mach 64 w/ 2MB DRAM. The problem is
>that ATI doesn't market such a card with that name to the public. I called
>Gateway and asked if this was an ATI card with another name, and nobody knew
>the answer.
>ATI _does_ have a Mach 64 series of cards, just none with this name.
>I also emailed to ATI and have gotten no response yet.
>I have fears about getting drivers for this supposedly mongrel card. Are
>these fears unfounded? For example, since this card uses the same 64-bit
>graphics accelerator chip as the other Mach 64 cards, do they use the same
>driver? It looks like it from the .zip file I downloaded.
>Also, another video card choice for an additional $50 is a Matrox that is a
>standard card (and a fast one) that Matrox sells to the public. Matrox cards
>aren't supported for Linux, so I would need to go third party, like
>Accel-x(?) and pay for an X-server - I think it's $50. Anybody gone this route?
>Dan Murphy
>Dan Murphy                 murph at
>Vmark Software             74260.3322 at
>Westboro, MA

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