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Gateway 2000 video card

Sorry this is harping back to last week's discussion, but I've was on
vacation last week.

I just got a Gateway 133 Family PC (we have a program here at the office)
16 MB RAM/ 2.5 GB HD/ STB Trio 64+ (S3) video card and 17" Trinitron
Monitor.  I loaded up Slackware 3.0 with XFree86.  Ran SuperProbe, it
detected the card properly, then ran xf86config to create the config file
for it, and Voila!  X runs like a charm.  It was the most painless X   
I've ever done.  I wouldn't worry about the Gateway, it's a heck of a lot
better that some other PC's you could get.


John C.C. Duksta                      |  email: jduksta at
New Products Introduction Engineer    |  phone: 508/952-5614
Xyplex, Littleton, MA                 |    fax: 508/952-4880

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Sent:  Wednesday, May 01, 1996 4:20 PM
To:  linux-sig
Subject:  Gateway 2000 video card

I'm in the process of ordering a Gateway 2000 Pentium 133 with Windows   
also want to put Linux on it, so I'm checking out all the hardware to   
sure things will work.

One video card they offer is an ATI CT Mach 64 w/ 2MB DRAM. The problem   
that ATI doesn't market such a card with that name to the public. I   
Gateway and asked if this was an ATI card with another name, and nobody   
the answer.

ATI _does_ have a Mach 64 series of cards, just none with this name.

I also emailed to ATI and have gotten no response yet.

I have fears about getting drivers for this supposedly mongrel card. Are
these fears unfounded? For example, since this card uses the same 64-bit
graphics accelerator chip as the other Mach 64 cards, do they use the   
driver? It looks like it from the .zip file I downloaded.

Also, another video card choice for an additional $50 is a Matrox that is   
standard card (and a fast one) that Matrox sells to the public. Matrox   
aren't supported for Linux, so I would need to go third party, like
Accel-x(?) and pay for an X-server - I think it's $50. Anybody gone this


Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy                 murph at
Vmark Software             74260.3322 at
Westboro, MA


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