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Linux & Slackware versions

This kind of gets into a "Zen of Upgrading" discussion :)

  I tend to get the most current CD I can find, because most of the software
on it will get upgraded (ie, new versions will appear) over a year or so 
anyway, so I'd rather start with the most current versions of stuff 
rather than software which is already 6 months out of date. The CDs are 
cheap enough so that $40 vs $15 isn't much difference to me. (If you've 
ever bought Mac or Windoze software, even shareware, $40 is a drop in 
the bucket!) Of course, if there is a cheap solution, like those RedHat 
CDs someone mentioned, I'm not opposed to it! Then I stay current on the 
software I'm interested in (perl, emacs, Netscape, glimpse, and a few 
more). I'm not a kernel hacker, and having source CDs honestly hasn't 
done much for me; if I want a new  utility, I generally download it, 
because the one on the CD is usually out-of-date anyway. Of course, your 
needs may be differenet from mine, so -- as they say -- YMMV. 

The two times I've installed on my computer, I used Yggdrasil. The first 
time was fine -- this was back in (let's see) early summer '94? Last fall 
I wanted to move to ELF, so I got Yggdrasil fall '95. It was not *bad*, 
but I think it hasn't kept pace with the other distributions. They also 
pissed me off, because after I had installed, and spent a couple of days 
compiling new software, they announced a new bug fix distribution, and 
talked about all the bugs in the version I had installed. Sigh. They did 
send me the bug fix CD for free, but I would much rather had them 
release a better CD and wait a little longer for it. If I install again 
(I don't really see the need to), I'd probably go with RedHat, I've heard 
lots of good things about them.


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