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"UNIX Power Tools, 2nd ed." from O'Reilly

                  UNIX POWER TOOLS, 2ND EDITION
            By Jerry Peek, Tim O'Reilly & Mike Loukides
 1120 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-260-3, $59.95 (US), Includes CD-ROM

The new edition of "UNIX Power Tools, 2nd Edition" is here! It's
chock-full of the tips, tricks, concepts, and freeware that made the
original edition so valuable. It also covers add-on utilities and how
to take advantage of clever features in the most popular UNIX

Our new edition is loaded with even more practical advice about almost
every aspect of UNIX. It addresses the technology that UNIX users face
today, differing from the first edition in a number of important ways:

- it slants the blend of options and commands more toward the POSIX
  utilities, including the GNU versions
- the bash and tcsh shells have greater coverage, but the 
  first edition's emphasis on the core concepts of sh and csh are 
  kept intact, to help the reader use all UNIX shells
- Perl is more important than awk these days, so awk is de-emphasized
  in this edition

"UNIX Power Tools" is a browser's book. It's designed not to be read
from start to finish, but to be picked up repeatedly, in response to
need or interest.  The 53 chapters in this book discuss topics like
file management, text editors, shell programming--even office
automation. Overall, there's plenty of material here to satisfy even
the most voracious appetites.  

The CD-ROM included with "UNIX Power Tools" contains all of the scripts
and aliases from the book, plus perl, GNU emacs, netpbm (graphics
manipulation utilities), ispell,screen, the sc spreadsheet, and about
60 other freeware programs. In addition to the source code, all the
software is precompiled for Sun4, Digital UNIX, IBM AIX, HP/UX, Red Hat
Linux, Solaris, and SCO UNIX.

This book and other O'Reilly products are available in the Americas,
Japan, Oceania, and Europe through bookstores, or directly from 
the publisher (credit card orders 800-998-9938 in the US & Canada;
email order at Shipping is additional on all orders.  
Check or call 
707-829-0515 (800-998-9938 in US & Canada) to determine shipping
rates. For a list of our international distributors, go to Our GSA # is GS-02F-6095A.

O'Reilly's Catalog and Resource Center on the Web is at: 

For Information: Phone 707-829-0515 (800-998-9938 in US & Canada); 
Fax 707-829-0104; Email info at; or write O'Reilly & Associates,
101 Morris St., Sebastopol, CA, 95472, USA.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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