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flexfax: Hylafax future

> > 3)A port to NT - Recently cygnus have released some librarys to make NT
> > machine look like a unix machine, i imagine this would greatly speed up a
> > port of the code
> It's really horrible to convert unix code to windows. So i won't do
> that. If someone want's to use Windows as a fax server he could buy
> a commercial fax programm. If he want to use a free fax server he
> can use linux or free bsd (which has also a better stability).

Thought you might find this interesting.  They've ported X libraries over
to NT, as well as a Kerberos 5 server and various X applications
using this free package.  Maybe it will be of use to you or anyone else
doing a port of HylaFax:

     Porting Tool: GNU-WIN32 Version 18.1 Linux to Windows NT/95

     GNU-WIN32 is a porting Tool for porting applications from Linux to
     Windows NT and Windows 95. Porting applications from Linux to Windows
     NT/95 is now even more easy. Use gnu-win32 as listed below to compile
     the Linux applications written in GNU gcc/g++ under Windows 95/NT.
     This makes Linux even more better as development platform. You write
     applications under linux and port it very easily, without changing a
     single line of code to Windows NT/Windows 95. This way, Linux
     applications have much larger user base in Windows NT and Windows 95.

        Title : GNU-WIN32
        Version : 18.1 B

    The GNU-Win32 tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools to
    Windows NT/95 for the x86 and PowerPC processors. Applications built
    with these tools have access to the Microsoft Win32 API as well as
    the Cygwin32 API which provides additional UNIX-like functionality
    including UNIX sockets, process control with a working fork and
    select, etc...


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