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No subject

Jerry Feldman wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 JF> From: Jerry Feldman <Gerry.Feldman at>
 JF> To:   "Todd Wallack" <twallack at>,
 JF> discuss at BLU.ORG 

 JF> At 12:43 PM -0400 6/25/98, Todd Wallack wrote:

>Hi. I heard a group of Windows 98 protesters showed up at 
>CompUSA in Cambridge yesterday.
>Any idea how to contact them? I'm interested in writing an article for the
>Boston Herald.

 JF> Were there any protesters protesting against RedHat 5.1 too
 JF> :-) I really cannot think of a dumber protest than to
 JF> protest against a vendor's release of an operating system
 JF> which really is a minor upgrade from Windows95(with IE4.0
 JF> and all patches applied). Probably the only significant
 JF> benefits are VFAT32 (for Windows95 users prior to OSR2), and
 JF> the desire to contribute to the Bill Gates welfare fund.
 JF> Maybe they should protest CompUSA's purchase of
 JF> COmputerCity.

We were thinking of going with picket signs that read "10011101" but we decided
that no one would get it.  :)
-- Mike

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