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How do I address...

"Kevin M. Gleason" wrote:
> I have my production computer running two partitions: Windows 98 with a
> 1Gig partition and Red Hat Linux 6.1 in the second 1Gig partition. Is
> there a way for me to set the Windows partition up as an addressable
> Fat32 partition from my Linux partition? How?
Piece of cake. 
Assume that your layout is:
/dev/hda1 - Windows 98 (C:) 
/dev/hda2 - Linux Swap
/dev/hda3 - Linux /boot
/dev/hda4 - Linux root

Here are the steps by hand:
become super user (su,sudo, or log in as root)
chose a mount point:
Since I have 3 Windows partitions (1 partition, 2 1GB disks).
mkdir -p /windoz/c
This creates the directories /windoz and /windoz/c

Then mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /windoz/c

then, if you cd /windoz/c and do an ls or ls -l, you will see all your
files, and you will be able to read and write. 

For automatically mounting during startup, you may want to add this entry to
your /etc/fstab:
/dev/hda1              /windoz/c                  vfat    defaults        1

I don't have a Red Hat system handy, but the control panel should allow you
to set it up. 
Jerry Feldman (HP On-Site Consultant)
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