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[BLU] The MicroOptical display...

linuxguy at wrote:
> Well I hope everyone that attended this last BLU meeting got a kick
> out of the MicroOptical display system. I am curious to to know what
> the attendees thought of the presentation?  Should I continue to
> seek speakers of this sort?
> Personally, I thought the eyeglass display system was wicked cool.

Agreed.  It's the kind of product that could turn up satisfying many
different needs.

Some other meeting topics I thought about since the meeting:
-Scanning in Linux (could we get someone down from SANE?)
-The finer points of GIMP
-Setting up DNS or cacheing DNS
-Comparing DSL/ADLS/Cablemodem/ISDN, discussing +/- of different vendors
-Configuring Sendmail via and via M4

I would like to expand on my support for (I think) Chris's suggestion of
an Apache/(MySql|Postgress)/PHP meeting, ideally also covering
Apache-SSL.  What would be really cool would be if we could, during the
course of the meeting, build our own 586 RPM from Apache-SSL/MySql/PHP
from tars or SRPM's.  That way the meeting could double as a tutorial on
building RPM's, which I've never done.  And, of course, we would all
have a massively useful RPM which I have yet to see pre-built.  There
seems to be lots of steps to getting these all compiled together, with
the order very dependant.  Maybe even add in perl.

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