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Static IP DSL (Was: Re: Where is

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Tom Guilderson wrote:

> As regards to the "no server" policy of Media One,I was thinking of
> going DSL with a static IP.  More money but no hassles about domains,
> mail servers, ftp etc. Has anyone gone this route, what has the
> experience been? Let me know. 

   I'm not there yet, but I have my order in with CyberAccess/Covad to
upgrade my current 56k static dialup to 144k IDSL.  I've had the dialup
with 16 IPs and running several services for about a year and a half with
no problems.  When I ordered the upgrade, they didn't even flinch when I
mentioned that I'm hosting "Oh, about four or five" domains.  As long as
I'm paying my bills I can use 100% of my bandwidth 100% of the time.
   You pay for what you get (and of course get what you pay for) with
CyberAccess.  56k dedicated is $85/mo, and the IDSL is $120/mo.  I could
get cheaper/faster ADSL if I lived elsewhere, but even with Flashcom I'd
still be paying $120 for one dynamic IP and up to four NATed addresses.

Matthew J. Brodeur, mbrodeur at
Hostmaster, Webmaster for,

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