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another X and monitor question

In general, the X sync rates have no relation to text display.  However,
if can happen that starting and stopping X leaves the monitor in some
state which is unsuitable for text display, especially when using a
"multisync" monitor which has a mechanical relay which can be heard making
a "click" or "clunk" noise when the display mode is changed.

One trick with Linux to force a monitor to get control of itself on boot
is to specify "vga=ask" on the kernel boot line and then to request a
probe, even if you then pick the standard 80x25 mode.  This is useful for
setting a VGA monochrome display so you can read it, for example.

Be aware that any monitor which has significant visible instability is a
potential fire hazard, no matter how remote the chance of it actually
bursting into flames, and should not be left turned on while unattended.  
The most common failure mode is internal charring and a horrendous burning
odor, but not real flames as long as you are there to turn it off.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-02 at 08:50 -0400, Tewksbury, Chuck wrote:

> Newbie question here... does the monitor rate you select in X affect the
> command prompt interface?  
> I have a monitor that is shaking like a leaf in certain modes in X but it
> also shakes in text mode... so I am thinking it is not an X configuration
> issue.

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