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last on X for now

You need to look in the monitor specs for interlaced and non-interlaced 

Just a couple of war stories:
WS1:Years ago a client of mine had an Osborne with an external monitor 
which used to quiver and quake. Took aluminum foil and shielded it, and 
that worked. 

WS2: An engineer I used to work with at Digital used to have a modem 
that would occasionally drop the connection. We traced it to a 
refrigerator in an adjacent room. If he brought the system upstairs it was 
fine. Even when it was downstairs and plugged into a different circuit he 
had the problem. 

On 3 May 2000, at 11:20, Tewksbury, Chuck wrote:

> 4- text mode and 1024x768 mode in X still quiver

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