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last on X for now

On 2000-05-03 at 20:53 -0400, Bill Horne wrote:

> Chuck,
> IANAEB (I Am Not An Electrician, But) ... If just moving the 
> unit from one place to another cured the trouble, I recommend 
> very strongly that you call in a professional electrician: 
> assuming your office has three-phase power, you probably have a 
> miswired light fixture or other serious trouble.

I actually do have a state license for running network wire in walls...

Very few offices have three-phase power.  This is only used to operate
heavy machinery with large motors.  It would be uncommon in an office
environment, although sometimes HVAC or refrigeration equipment needs it.  
No light fixtures ever run on three-phase power, at least not unless you
are talking about things like stage lighting.

The most common cause of monitor shake is RF hash.  I would doubt very
seriously that there is an serious electrical problem causing it.  
Sometimes a ground loop can do it, especially on an unbalanced network
topology (coax Ethernet).

> If your AC wiring checks out OK, try Mike's advice first, since 
> it's free and often cures the trouble:  if more drastic measures 
> are needed, Radio Shack sells a "clip on" toroid filter that 
> will also help.

I had already mentioned the ferrite core filter idea in a private message,
but it is by no means a drastic solution.  I think it costs about $5.

-- Mike

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