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Paradox database


    Since the core issue between the the standard and deluxe versions of
the WP Office Suite for Linux is the inclusion of the Paradox database
and more extensive clip art, etc., does anyone have experience with
Paradox. Does it have any functionality that allows its use with the
MySQL system or other SQL servers? I can't see much use for it

    Quick note: I have seen a question on duplicated emails from the
Discuss Group in the past; in my experience this is usually due to the
method of reply. Since we already get the Discuss Group postings I see
no need for a separate reply to me directly. Depending on how your
browser responds to the "reply" prompt that may require using just the
simple reply or else deleting an unneeded address on the "To:" list.
That should eliminate some of my email from the Discuss Group since I
seem to get duplicate responses to many of my questions (not that it is
really a big issue however, I do have a Delete button!).


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