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mysql thread

I suppose it doesn't help my credibility any but...

I could have sworn this discussion was on the GNHLUG list last night. ;)

Another point in mysql's favor for a web back-end: The PHP and mysql
development teams are working closely together to increase performance
between the two products. Combined with the Zend stuff for PHP (the
optimizer is currently available as a beta, and has increased performance
for me by a factor of at least 10-20) it makes for a very fast setup.
Throw on the SGI patches to Apache for your static content and you've got
a nice solution. Of course, you do have to work around transactions in
situations where they're needed, a problem that is obviously more
important to some folks than I realized.

Not also that while PHP is completely free in every sense of the word,
Zend is not. It's free to use, but closed source.

Mike, I'd like to apologize if I come across as snippy, and also if I'm
not so hot at explaining myself. Unfortunately I have no formal training
in ANYTHING so I find myself unsure of terminology at times. I assure you
I do in fact have a clue, and I have actual practical experience with
large scale DBMSes, not just "weblogs" and mysql. Open offer of a beer on
me anytime you want to take me up on it.

Niall Kavanagh, niall at
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