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Info wanted on RHL 6.2 etc

Hi guys,

Iam planning to install a new server with RHL, to replace a buggy 5.1
server. Would like to have any suggestions in hardware/RHL version

AFAIK, part from the piranha bug (which anyway doesnt get installed by
default), is 6.2 stable enough for a production server which will have
24X7 activity as ftp/web/dns server?

Iam surprised that my good old slackware server has uptime of more than a
year now and not given any troubles recently, whereas RHL does give one
problem or other - maybe newer versions are better.

This brings to my mind what I read somewhere - that RH adds unstable
kernel patches to their releases and thats the reason for some of their
versions giving trouble. 

Re hardware, I (like anybody else) have faced problems with newer NICs as
well as display cards and had to get the latest drivers to get things
running. Does 6.2 support most hardware out of the box? I dont mind doing
all the download/compile etc, but doesnt want to waste time if there is a
better alternative. Also, is there a list of hardware that are likely to
give trouble (I can look in the howtos, but thought of a quick feedback).
Does Linux (really) support UDMA/66 ?


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