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ReiserFS (was: mysql viability (was: shells and bells))

"Mark J. Dulcey" wrote:
> SuSE 6.4 comes with ReiserFS, a journaling file system. I haven't tried
> it, so I can't offer any opinion on how well it works.

I'm not sure I'd characterize ReiserFS as a "journaling file system".
It's actually an attempt to make a file system that is very efficient
for both large and small objects, which (potentially) allows the file 
system itself to function as a keyed lookup table. The battle cry is
"unified name space". I'm not sure I buy the idea, but it's 

Is anyone on the list actually using anything other than ext2fs for 
Real Work (tm)? Log structured file systems seem attractive, for 
instance, but I've never personally tried one.

-- Jerry Callen
   jcallen at
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