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Suggestion for a meeting topic

This is too trivial for a meeting.  You start sshd on the home machine,
using a high-number port, specified with the "-p" switch.  That would
allow you to log in from work by specifying the correct port with the
"-p" switch on the ssh client.  When you start the client, you can also
ask it to map some local port through the ssh tunnel with the
"-L" switch.  Then you point your mail client at that port on your local
machine.  This can be more involved in general, not for POP.

A possibly simply solution is to run SSLproxy on the machine where the POP
server lives, and then to use a mail client which support SSLPOP.  This
should work if the SSLPOP port (995?) is not blocked.

If the firewall is very restrictive, you will need something more than
ssh, such as httptunnel.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-04 at 09:27 -0400, Bill Horne wrote:

> I just thought of a meeting topic:  I'd like to know how to use 
> SSH (or anything else) to get past my boss' firewall/caching 
> proxy and allow me to collect pop mail, etc.  Currently, all 
> calls to port 110 are trapped.
> How about a meeting on how to set up a virtual terminal server, 
> that will allow Secure Socket Layer connections to a home 
> machine from any browser?

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