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Video capture et. al.

A friend of mine asked me some questions regarding the capture of real-
time video from a security camera at work. I don't do much with video and 
have not really kept up with what's happening. 

The general solution I posed was to use a Linux based computer at work 
to capture the video. The user would dial directly into server from home. 
The reason I recommended Linux was that it handles dialin much better 
than the M$ stuff. (I am not really a fan of PC Anywhere type products 
either). The other reason is that Linux is more stable than than Windows. 
I assume that the guy already has the camera plugged into dedicated 
monitor.  I don't know if the guy wants to dial in and get continuous real-
time updates or whether he wants to dial in, get a snapshot and exit. 
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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